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Transforming Idaho’s Education System

Idaho Business for Education (IBE) is a group of nearly 250 business leaders across the state. We are committed to transforming the state’s education system to set our students up for success in school, work, and life.

Students today will create the workforce our great state needs.

Our Two-House Strategy

IBE built its campaign to create the workforce Idaho needs on a foundation we call our “Two-House Strategy” – the Statehouse and Schoolhouse. At the legislative level, our strategy aims to enact policies that improve education for Idaho kids. We work closely with local- and state-level governments to provide insights and support for meaningful legislative work.

Our work, however, does not begin and end at the state capitol. Our programs work directly with kids in the classroom. Our program Closing the Divide, for example, was built to provide laptops and internet service for students in need.