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74% of employers want to grow their businesses



A majority of them look outside of Idaho for talent…let’s change that.

We can help employers find career-seekers, not just workers


  • The talent is here. With IBE’s apprenticeship program, we have a way to connect our classrooms to careers.

  • The Youth Apprenticeship Program connects people aged 16-24, to training and careers in Idaho. Building workforce-ready labor requires a collaborative effort among government, business, and education. Youth Apprenticeship provides education, work experience, and access to postsecondary education, training, and certifications.

  • This program also promotes individual economic stability, business growth, and Idaho’s economy. It’s also the cornerstone in helping IBE reach our goal of having 60% of our 25- to 34-year-old workers hold a postsecondary credential.

  • Through a joint effort with the Idaho Workforce Development Council, Idaho Department of Labor, and Idaho Career and Technical Education, IBE is scaling up Idaho’s Youth Apprenticeship program, with a goal of placing 400 apprentices by 2024 in some of the 1,200 federal apprenticeships. 

  • Are you ready to expand and upskill your workforce, find local talent, and grow business? IBE Youth Apprenticeship Program is ready to help you.

Ready to learn more? Look for your regional contact below:

Christina Feliciano/North Idaho

Emily Merrigan/Southwest Idaho

Roger Plothow/Eastern Idaho

Program Highlights:


  • Over 400 apprentices placed to date

  • 75 employee sponsors approved

  • High participation in rural areas

View our list of current open positions


Download our full report to learn about the success of the program


This project is wholly funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor in the amount of $2,490,630.