The challenge in Idaho

By 2025, Idaho needs at least 60 percent of its 25- to 34-year-old workers to hold a postsecondary credential which qualifies them for one of the high-demand and well-paying careers in our state. Unfortunately, only 44 percent of our current workforce holds one of these credentials. Idaho must close this “education gap” by strengthening Idaho’s education system to create the highly educated and skilled workforce our employers need and one that sustains a prosperous economy.

About IBE

Idaho Business for Education (IBE) is a group of nearly 250 business leaders from across the state who are committed to transforming Idaho’s Education system. IBE members are devoted to creating a highly educated and skilled workforce that is able to strengthen the business climate and fuel a prosperous Idaho economy.

Business Leaders

Joining forces, leveraging power.

Improving Schools

Empowering educators, expecting results.

Shaping Policy

Clearing a path. Scaling success.

Strengthening Idaho

Advocating for kids, securing our future.