Statehouse Strategy

We work with policymakers in the statehouse to enact change. IBE collaborates with the Governor, Legislature, State Board of Education, State Department of Education, and other stakeholders to pass policies and investments that support students and educators and give them opportunities for success.

Education Policy

IBE affects change at the state level by supporting policies and investments that strengthen education and raise student achievement. Over the years, IBE has supported funding for early education, full-day kindergarten, literacy, teacher salaries, career and academic coaching, and scholarships for students to attend postsecondary education.

Ambassador Network

The Ambassadors Network is comprised of IBE members who volunteer to get deeply informed on the policy priorities set by the IBE Board. The Ambassadors meet with their local lawmakers to explain why adopting IBE’s policy priorities is important to strengthening Idaho’s education system.

Schoolhouse Strategy

Our schoolhouse strategy helps kids all over Idaho. We work closely with local school leaders and trustees to ensure that students are prepared academically to achieve a postsecondary credential. We’d like as many students as possible to succeed so that they are prepared to take on one of the state’s high-demand, well-paying careers.

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