What are your next steps?

Figuring out what you’re going to do when you finish school can be overwhelming. Through youth apprenticeship, you can combine education and a career that puts you on multiple paths to success.

Apprenticeships can build pathways to opportunities for many young people entering the workforce in the US and around the world. Unlike other work-based learning opportunities, apprenticeships offer structured job training, supplemental education, and mentorship, all while advancing students toward earning a competitive income.

Earn While You Learn

Throughout the school year, apprentices spend part of their week learning at school and part of the week learning on the job. The duration of each opportunity is different, some apprenticeships are a few months some are a few years. After completing the program, some students will work full-time in their field, some will become full-time college students, and some will do both.

Registered Apprenticeship gives individuals a proven path to a successful career where they can obtain paid work experience, technical instruction, and a nationally recognized credential with little to no debt.

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Available Opportunities

4 Business Development and Program Managers are ready to help you find, land, and succeed in your career. Connect today!

Christina Feliciano, North Idaho
Email: cfeliciano@idahobe.org
(208) 502-0070

Roger Plothow, Eastern Idaho
Email: rplothow@idahobe.org
(208) 317-7791

Tim Blonsky, South West Idaho
Email: tblonsky@idahobe.org
(208) 918-4705

Angie LeBlanc, South Central Idaho
Email: aleblanc@idahobe.org
(208) 534-8255