IDAHO FALLS — For some students, home-based learning has been effective, but for those who don’t have the tools necessary to do online learning, it’s been far from successful.

Idaho Business for Education is an employer advocacy group committed to transforming Idaho’s education system. To continue with their mission while schools are shut down, they are trying to make sure all Idaho students have the devices and internet connection needed to finish out their school year remotely, but they need your help.

“IBE, about a month ago when this was all coming down, did a survey and asked the school districts what their biggest needs were and what they were worried about with this coming up,” Aaron Johnson, the chairman of the steering committee for this initiative said. “Overwhelmingly, the two biggest needs were are we going to have enough devices for our students to have at home to be able to do their schoolwork, and are we going to be able to provide internet connections for them to do their schoolwork?”

Idaho Business for Education is comprised of hundreds of businesses such as Melaleuca, Simplot and Albertsons. Johnson said through their connections, they felt they could help ease the district’s worries, so they set up an emergency task force.

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